Little Miss Drama

UP Diliman after three years (Part 1)

on July 24, 2005

It’s been three years now since I graduated at Hardin ng mga Diwata in Faculty Center (FC) at College of Arts & Letters (CAL). Once again, I was planning to go back to my beloved Alma Mater not to study Masterals but to just visit some of the people and places I have missed, and at the same time get my diploma.

@ Choholate Kiss

Mappy & Joie at Chocolate Kiss

Last July 15, Joie needed to go there to get her brother’s clearance.  Joie was a product of the College of Mass Communications (CMC) and Mappy, who also graduated from the same university decided to go with her. When I found out about their plan, I also joined the said trip.

It was raining that day but that did not stop us from going anyway. We were in UP by 4pm. Since Joie and I were from two different colleges (her from CMC and I was from CAL), we decided to maximize our time by going on our own to accomplish the things we needed and just meet in the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) after. Mappy went with me.

roel, me & joie in UP

With Roel and Joie at Bahay ng Alumni

Mappy and I went to the Faculty Center (FC) but to our surprise, a renovation was underway on the old tambayan of the different organizations. We did not know where we should enter to be able to go to AS101 so we just decided to keep on walking until we reached the AS steps.

Once we were at AS101, I didn’t know where to exactly ask because the look of the office has already changed. During my time, students were not allowed to enter the office. Every transaction was made outside however two students just directly went inside so I just followed them to inquire about my diploma.

I got my diploma alright but I did not expect it to be just that small piece of paper since my sister who graduated from UST had an enormous one.  I blurted out, “Ay ang liit ng diploman natin! Bakit sa UST malaki?” The UP employee answered, “Kung magpapa-authenticate ka kasi pupunta ka ng abroad, kelangan sa Malacañang ha hindi sa DECS (which he may have meant CHED) kasi yung papel natin galing sa Malacañang. Pag tinapatan ng UV light yan, malalaman mo. Yung ang kaibahan natin sa ibang universities.” Of course, he had to brag that our diploma may be small in size but it uses a special paper. I said, “Sosyal!”

with joie @ chocolate kiss

With Joie at Chocolate Kiss

Mappy and I then met Joie at OUR. She already got her brother’s clearance by the time we got there. We were already starving by then but didn’t know where to exactly eat. We first thought of Mang Jimmy’s and pig out or for a nearer option, Chocolate Kiss. We chose the latter.

We had bagoong rice, spaghetti, steak, blueberry cheesecake and devil’s food cake. We still wanted to have isaw at Ilang because we really miss having one but it was getting late and we were also already feeling gorged so just decided to go home.

From Bahay ng Alumni, we didn’t know whether we should just take a jeep from Yakal Dorm or walk until we reach the Iglesia Ni Cristo church on the other side of the road and from there take a bus going home. After so many discussions, we decided to just take a jeep going to Philcoa and from there took a bus going home. By 8pm, I was home.

I had a great time in UP and I am planning to go back by next week to have that isaw that I am craving for.

I invited the other fellow alumni from our team to join us next week like May, Maan, Brian and Armie.


TRIVIA: Ikot fare was just Php1.75 when Mappy was studying in UP. It was Php2.25 during my time and Joie’s while Toki fare was Php2.50. Today, the Ikot fare cost us Php6.50! Yep, Mappy sure is old. 😀


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