Little Miss Drama

Things I love, hate and miss

on March 24, 2006


1. Flowers especially white roses. I still keep the dried petals of those roses that some of my friends gave me back in highschool. I also used to keep three dried buds of white roses but I eventually threw them away for some reason.

2. Gifts that are personally made than bought because I value the time & effort exerted on them more.

3. To read books from novels to serious stuff such as Chinua Achebe’s. I can spend my whole day in my room just reading a good book without even eating. This happened while reading V.C. Andrews series of Flowers in the Attic and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books.

4. Have coffee with friends at GJ’s, Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Coffee Bean, sassy Chef & the most recent discovery we made, Verve at Dela Rosa.

5. Stay at a friend’s house and just have videoke, beer or even just a night of endless conversation. It all started when I slept over at Nina’s, then Kochie’s until Jen’s place became my fave place to stay as well as Nessa’s.

6. San Mig Light! It’s cheap, makes me drunk over a couple of bottles & a good reason to meet & get to know more people from the office such as Archie, Kiko, Martial, Wyxie, Job, Hazel, Beej, Carlo and Karlo Armand Legasto.

7. Blankets. I already have three right now. One that I bought in Eastwood (Nemo), the one from Uniwide (generic) and the one from Karlo Armand Legasto (Looney Toons). i love them all & I find them very useful especially in the office.

8. To spoil people I love. Although sometimes it has its disadvantages. Thank goodness, I no longer have a lovelife!

9. Chocolate especially dark ones. I just don’t know why.

10. Do DVD marathon on my free time. I enjoy it more than watching the flicks in the movie theatres.

11. The color orange. It started last year when I went to Galera where I had this orange backless top just to cover my body along with it was my orange bag. For some reason, when I went to UP Fair this year & needed a blouse, I picked the same color & wore it in the office. Thus, the color already has its sentimental value after what happened in that fair.

12. Beaches. I don’t care whether I go tanner or blacker than I already am so long that I enjoy my time swimming. The most that I enjoyed aside from Galera was the one in Bauan, Batangas where I snorkeled the first time. Such a marvelous place!

13. Videoke! Even if I know that I don’t have a voice of a diva, I still love to sing especially over a couple of beer, vodka and/or tequila.

14.Men who smell good & I can’t help NOT to comment about it. I told Martial how good he smelled one time & he blushed. Hehehe. I told Pempe the same thing and Amy reacted. Hahaha!!!

15. To compliment people whenever I feel like it. I don’t say them just to make these people feel a\good about themselves. I mean everything I say.

16. Juniper Breeze of Bath & Body Works, D&G Light Blue, RL for Women, Polo Sport for Men & Clinique Happy.

17. Pasta & seafoods. I ONLY want pasta with white sauce. I love seafoods!!! Enough said.

18. Glow in the dark thingies. One can already gaze at the stars in my room.

19. Arts & crafts. I love to collect art materials & do whatever I want to do with them. I also like to make scrapbooks especially put those things that my friend gave me.

20. Valuing people and friendships. I don’t easily give up on anyone especially those people I love unless they’re the first to give up on me. That’s the only time I let go of them. Proven and tested.


1. I hate it when good conversations are disrupted because of damn call waiting.

2. I hate being disturbed when I’m doing something. I tend to shout.

3. I hate people when they don’t do what they say. It just irritates me.

4. I hate people who preach but don’t practice whatever it is that they preach.

5. I hate it when people mess with my things or my room. I’d rather have it as it is. Thank you!

6. I hate people who are sooo damn insensitive.

7. I hate inconsistencies.

8. I hate postponing or cancelling plans because I always plan ahead. I’m OC to this kind of thing.

9. I hate those who keep on complaining yet they do the things that they complain about.

10. I hate people who pretend that they’re good at something even if it’s very obvious that they’re really not.

11. I hate people who never at least try.

12. I hate people who do not exert any effort in achieveing whatever they want in life.

13. I hate people who lambast my friends, or teammmates for that matter.

14. I hate to go to sleep when I know I haven’t come up with any resolution to my own problems.

15. I hate it when I do stupid things and end up regretting them after realizing I could have made a better decision at that time.

16. I hate to be kept in the dark and don’t know where I actually stand but still I let it happen.

17. I hate men who shout at women. Even being drunk will NEVER be an excuse. If you’re reading this, bear this in mind.

18. I hate self-cenetered people who don’t even know how to respect other people.

19. I hate to commute when it’s raining.

20. I hate running out of yosi especially when I know I can’t do anything about it because all the stores in the village are already closed.


1. I miss KEEPOONEETOO that eventually became NINCOMPOOP and all the games that we all used to play such as chico, football, taguan, habulang guhit, tubig and every game that I only learned to play in Lucena.

2. I miss chami with coke and not using any utensils or glasses when we eat it. I miss staying up all night outside our houses and just plainly exchanging kwento.

3. I miss Mariposa and Fresh Air every summer when the barkada would usually go and swim all day.

4. I miss ICTUS, the Yassers and our Yassees. We have come a long way. We started out in Payatas, then got transferred to Montalban and now back again to Payatas.

5. I miss UP and all the classes u used to sit in to, the classes I skipped for other classes and all the rallies held.

6. I miss Kamia where I usually spend my time before and after each class, where I eat & sleep while I wait for Jen. This was before I got involved with ASS & ICTUS though.

7. I miss the ASS tambayan and our Pusoy Dos games before each class. All thoseplans and activities we’ve had for the org…I miss the ASS people too.

8. I miss writing letters to my friends like Giezel, Nina, Chie & Eygee.

9. I miss my highschool friends who are now busy with their own lives and families like Joy, JL, Levy, Beng & Ciela.

10. I miss the drinking sessions with my fave people from Convergys especially after our shift…one-on-one with Nessa in Makati; Sizzling Stop with Nessa and Gerard; my birthday bash at home with most of the TMs; drinking session at Dore’s place; in Eastwood; at Metrowalk; at Nessa’s place; at Gerard’s place; in Pier One; at Valero Cafe with some of the agent and tier2s…

11. I miss hanging out with the Villasenor family at their resort in Lucban as if I am already a part of that family. Pillow wrestling with Ryan, kulitan with their cousins and kwnetuhan & inuman with Kochie.

12. I miss the Espinosa family (my ex excluded) and all the exchange of stories about boys, love life, problems…Anna’s play at Meralco Theater; Lala and Mikey and their two cute kids; drinking beer and smoking at their veranda with tito’s permission; celebrating tita’s birthday; helping Anna with her project; helping JP with his Math homework; watching Milge, Marga and Mia dance to the tune of My Humps while harassing me; a couple of drinks with Fran; the wonderful talks with Mama especially about  bead-making…

13. I miss our Galera days even if I always end up drunk every night…the henna tattoo we had…the snorkeling…all those booboos I made…pushing Erick (accidentally) into the water…the chismis…the ka-OChan in the bathroom…everything!

14. I miss all the trips we had back in college days. The trip to Batangas and Tagaytay in Canete’s Hum 2 class; Sir Gerry’s photography class’ trip to Bolinao, Pangasinan; our Sex & Culture class of Prof. Dalisay to Bauan, Batangas one summer; and of course our Sagada trip with Sir Gerry. How I wish the Ilocos trip with Ma’am Norma pushed through too.

15. I miss planning and thinking of things to put in our bulletin board in the Quality room…on what can get people’s attention to notice our quota chart, on how we can help our agents more and also our commendations board. I remember the one that got everyone laughing was the summer theme we had last year where everyone’s pics, including those of Erick and Hermann, were posted on vavavoom bodies of models I got from different magazines particularly FHM & Cosmo.

16. I miss Arnel and our conversations back when he was still in Pinas. I miss all the songs we shared, the road trip on Jen’s debut, the serious talks we had, the exchange of advices…everything. Arnel, I hope to see you when I get there.=)

17. I miss our only bebe in the family, Janna, and all of her smart tactics…her addiction to Dora, her funny ‘Oh no’ reaction whenever she sees us everytime we visit her, her kakiyan. This is definitely one spoiled brat when she grows up. Thanks to all her ninangs!

18. I miss the guy I thoughtI already knew…but then I no longer want to miss you… Si de pronto me olvidas no me busques, que ya te habre olvidado.

19. I miss Kuya Jo. It’s been almosy three years now since the accident but everytime I see that old part of your house, I could not help but cry and think of you. We’ve had our share of misunderstandings but you’re still one of those people I trust and love so much. I hope you’re still here…but wherever you are I just wish that your soul has found serenity with Kuya Jess.

20. I miss being a kid with nothing to worry about anything but just school. Never had a problem with school anyway. I miss playing those weird games back in the 80s…I miss Fanta, Bazooka bubble gum, Chicklet, those candies with rings, Cheez-it, Rinbee and those other junk foods I used to eat…I miss Shaider, Bioman, Maskman, Sailormoon, Sarah, Cedie, Ang TV, and all those programs I used to love…I miss those times when I rarely think about love problems, money problems and whatever crisis that we have in our country. Life was just simpler back then…


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