Little Miss Drama

Mga Lalaki sa Buhay Niya

on April 7, 2006

While smoking…

Girl1: Ano ba?! Pinaiyak nya ko! (referring to Joaquin Phoenix after watching Ladder 49). Hahaha!!! *sniff*

Girl2: Alam mo sa’n ko naiyak? Sa Armageddon.

Then the conversation went from movies to movie dates…

Girl2: Alam mo anong first movie date namin ni C*****?

Girl1: Ano?

Girl2: Titanic!!!! Hahaha!!!

Girl1: Hahaha!!! Ako hindi ko na matandaan.

And suddenly Girl1 started to reminisce and remember all the guys who made and are still making a difference in her life…

GUY #1 – Mr. The Search Is Over

The search is really over but not until she realized how vain you could be, more vain than she is. She discovered that she does not want to be with someone like who you kept on checking the mirrors as much as she does. You both believed in your own illusions and when reality hit you, you both discovered you just couldn’t stand each other. But she’s happy that you’re happy now.

Movie Date: Pearl Harbor / Pangako (forgot which was first)

GUY #2 – Mr. What Might Have Been

It just dawned on me that you somehow look like Joaquin Phoenix. Love na nga kita! Hahaha!!!

Until now, she still is wondering why she did not choose you instead. Then she thought, for a lot of reasons. But hey, you’ve changed and she’s happy that you both still are talking and you are even closer than before despite that. She realizes, this is better and that you are really not meant for each other because at that time when she ran to you and told you she broke up with him, you also happily told her that you finally have a girlfriend after all this time. Life really sucks sometimes.

Movie Date: Harry Potter2

GUY #3 – Mr. Take This Love

You both have wonderful memories to remember and you also had a share of your misunderstandings and arguments. But you also both know that you have learned a lot of things from each other by being together at that time. Now that you’re happy and she is too, let’s just leave it like that.

Movie Date: *forgot*

GUY #4 – Mr. Through The Fire

I’m not even sure why you’re included here. They said it’s because you guys were dating but she doesn’t want to think it that way because most of the time you were just really confused on what you really want. But for the heck of it, I guess you can be included.

Magulo ka! Just like the others. Until now you still are searching and she doesn’t even know when this will all stop. She just prays that someday you’ll find what it is that you’re looking for and you’ll find that someone who can bring meaning to your life. She hopes to see you really happy the next time you bump into each other.

Movie Date: N/A *coffee/lunch/inuman na lang*

GUY #5 – Mr. Kung Ako Na Lang Sana

This used to be her song for you. Unlike the others who sang it for her, this was her song for you. Until now, she believes in you so much and she has not trusted anyone else the way she trusts you. Until now, she still is searching for someone like you. Can she just clone you instead? =p

Movie Date: N/A *concert na lang*

GUY #6 – Mr. Secret Lovers

This is what the other people think of you whenever they find out you guys are together. But you both know better. Despite the endless talks and prying eyes of other people, you both know clearly where you guys stand on each other’s lives. She has told you how grateful she is that she has gotten to know you better and you came into her life when she needed someone the most. You told her the same thing. One reason why you need each other is that: you keep her sane the same way she does it to you. It’s good that you haven’t ended your communication despite the distance. You should always remember that she will always be there for you no matter what. She promises that. =)

Movie Date: N/A *shisha na lang*

  1. Karlo says:

    And who are we talking about naman here? Hay naku, puro allegory lang…

    April 28, 2006 @ 8:01 pm

  2. LEN says:

    hahaha. u have to guess, karlo. =)

    April 30, 2006 @ 8:57 am


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