Little Miss Drama

Gimmick Before June Ends

on July 1, 2006


Nessa wanted to go out so I said “Yes”. We didn’t have any plans yet. We just wanted to drink somewhere quiet. Maybe in Crowne Plaza. Or maybe somewhere else.

I got home at around 7pm but we still had to wait for Jay so I decided to go to the 5th floor first and smoke. After 15 minutes, she was no longer in the mood to go out. Ugh.


I’m supposed to go out with a colleague. L**** asked me out last Tuesday asking if I wanted to go with him to BK. I said “no” the first time. But he followed me in the fire exit while smoking and asked me out again. I eventually told him “Ok. I’ll just text or call you if I have nothing to do.” That was the only polite way I could think of at that time instead of rejecting the offer again. But really, I had no plans of going out because I don’t like him and I don’t want anyone to see us dining alone. Hehehe…

V****** found me smoking in the living room of his flat. He said he could no longer sleep because of the noise coming from the construction site. He then said, “Why are you always here?” I told him “Because Tito M told me to smoke here instead of going down. Why?” He then said I was being rude to which I reacted, “I’m being rude? No, I’m not! It’s because it seems you don’t want to see me here.” He explained, “Of course I want to see you here. I like to see you here. I like the way you speak…I like the way you laugh…I like you.” I just laughed. And then there was silence.

He asked me if I wanted to go to Al Ain with him and I said “Maybe”. We plan to go there next Friday. Hopefully…

He also asked me if I’m still going out with L**** but I told him I had no plans. He then said he would want to go with me “on a date”. Ugh. No way! He then said “You’re bad. Do you want to be an old maid?” to which I replied “I don’t know. Maybe.” Hahaha! =p

At 11pm, Jay, Nessa & I decided to go out. We went to Le Royal Meridien. We checked Soba first but since it’s just a restaurant, we decided to go to Sax instead. As usual, the guard again asked for my ID. I showed him the photocopy of my passport but he asked for the original one. I told him it’s with the company that’s why I’m giving him the photocopy. I even showed him my original visa. After some shouting and being pissed for the night without even getting drunk yet, he finally let us in.

Sax was too crowded so we decided we’ll just stay at Ocean’s. Jay and Nessa had two bottles of Miller each and I just had Cuban Dream cocktail. We decided to go to another bar since the beer here was a bit expensive. We then checked Illusions. It was much crowded than Sax and most of the people there were old men. We just drunk the beer and champagne and in less than 30 minutes, we were gone.

With nowhere to go to, we decided to go to Heroes Bar in Crowne Plaza. Lesser people…good crowd…but the music sucks! Thus, we had no choice but to go to Ratskey’s. That was when V****** started calling Jay and asked where we were. He waited for us in front of Crowen Plaza and said he’ll join us. We asked him to change first since he was just wearing shorts and slippers. We went with him to his flat and waited for him to change then headed on to Ratskey’s.

As usual, Ratskey’s was already crowded by the time we got there. Nessa and Jay went to the bar and ordered the four of us a beer while V****** and I tried to find a table. We eventually found one but it was just good for both of us. Thus, Nessa and Jay stayed in front of the stage while I stayed with V****** at the other side.

After just one beer, we all decided to just stay in V’s flat and drink his Martini. We stayed in his room until I was already sleepy. I almost fell asleep in his bed together with Jay. At 3am, I went out of his room to smoke and followed Nessa in the living room. Jay followed me after 5 minutes and we decided that we better go to our flat since it was already 4am. We left V****** sleeping in his room.


Jay and I woke up at 12nn. I went down to the 5th floor, as usual, to smoke. We both wanted to go to Marina Mall to do our groceries and at the same time shop for some stuff. At 3pm, we were at the mall. Jay was still unable to find the shoes that he wanted but I was able to buy some clothes and a pair of shades from MNG plus a bag from GAP.

V****** called and wanted to play billiards at 6pm. By the time Jay and I got home, we were already exhausted and starving at the same time so we asked V****** if we could eat first at McDo. Jay and I had Big Tasty meals. Then, we went to play billiards (or it was more of them who played while I smoke and watch). Hehehe.

V****** tried to get me a teddy bear that he promised but was not lucky tonight. He tried three times but was unsuccessful so I told him to just try again next time. He asked me if I wanted a massage but I said “no” so we did not bother to get one anymore. We just headed to his flat and watched the football match between Argentina & Germany.

While watching, he thought it was a good idea to drink brandy and then asked me to drink too. So I did. Ugh. I was not in the mood to drink and I didn’t like the taste of it. He then said “It feels hot. So Len, if you feel hot too, why don’t you take off your clothes?” At that moment, I wanted to hit him. But I just replied, “why don’t you do that and dance in the center and we’ll (including Kuya Dodgie & Baby, Hugo & Jay) all watch you. Then I’ll give you 5 dirhams.” He just laughed. Crazy perv…>:p

Oh well…Argentina lost ..4-2. I’m just looking forward to Brazil – France match tonight…and yes, as V****** puts it “we will be fighting”. :p

  1. Jessica says:

    hi, well i enjoyed reading your blog. it’s nice to know you are doing well there in u.a.e., i’ve read you’re going to al-ain, is it in dubai? just askin, maricel is working there in al-ain, it i’m not mistaken. well, goodluck in your career, wish u happiness in your life and lovelife.

    July 4, 2006 @ 10:05 pm

  2. LEN says:

    nope. al-ain is a different emirate like dubai and abu dhabi.
    thanks =)

    July 5, 2006 @ 3:07 am


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