Little Miss Drama

The Surprise I Got from Nessa Last Week =)

on July 18, 2007

“Oh my God!” were the only words I was able to say the moment Nessa came up at our table in TGIF last Friday, July 13. Then I hugged her and I just started crying.

Friday night. I was busy organizing my clothes when Tita Olga (Nessa’s mom) asked me what I was doing. I answered, “Nag-aayos po ng damit. Bakit po?” to which Tita said, “‘Lika, scrabble tayo.” I asked, “Pwede pong maligo muna?”

Tita Olga and I had no plans of leaving the flat that night mainly because it was very humid outside aside from the fact that we were both feeling lazy going out. However, due to Honey’s persuasion (Nessa’s sister-in-law), we were convinced to join the Little Family at Homes R Us and have dinner at TGIF. I was told that Tito Manny (Nessa’s dad) would join us later that night after his meeting with someone from the office.

At around 10pm, after I have finished my food, we were still waiting for Tito. I was just happily watching Vonn run at his “playground” (yes, TGIF is his playground) when I thought I saw a familiar face. I was just staring at this familiar face the whole time until she came nearer. That was when I realized, it was not just a figment of my imagination. I was not hallucinating. It was really Nessa!!! That’s when I stood up and exclaimed, “Oh my God!”. Then I hugged her and I just started crying. Tita Olga just said, “Holy shit! What are you doing here?!” And that’s when she said, “Surprise!”

The whole time, I was unaware that Honey was busy looking at me waiting for my reaction the moment she saw Nessa came in. Apparently, everyone (Tito Manny, Kuya Dondi and Honey) knew that she was coming that night except for Tita Olga and myself. And to think I even called Nessa a week before to ask about her plans of going here to renew her visa. And she said she had none whatsoever! Crazy talaga! Kaya pala Tito kept asking me to join them in Dubai that Saturday because he knew I’d defintely go…kaya pala Honey kept asking me about Nessa that week…kaya pala they coerced us to go out that night…kaya pala!

And since Nessa would be here until Monday night (with her flight on Tuesday at 2am), I had to take an urgent 2-day VL, which is not allowed unless with a good excuse. So my good excuse was – I had a surprise visit from my sister and I just want to spend those two days that she’ll be here.

The next day, I was already trying to contact Wimma (our HR and Admin Manager) but she was not answering her cellphone. So, I went to Dubai with Nessa’s family without even informing the office yet of my planned 2-day VL (Sunday and Monday). We went shopping at the Mall of the Emirates and had dinner at Chop Chop Resto until it was too late to call Wimma.

Sunday morning, I called the office and told my supervisor of my good excuse. Fortunately, he allowed it (maybe because he was left with no choice since I had already decided not to show up that morning). Then I also called Wimma. Wimma was the only person who knew that it was really Nessa who came and not my sister.

Sunday and Monday were Nessa’s shopping galore days. We were both tired the whole time yet it was a well-spent VL. Hay…can’t wait for December!


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