Little Miss Drama

The love story I created

on September 25, 2007

I never thought I can bring magic to two people close to my heart yet I did. I wish I could do the same wonders for myself…

Clark and I met again after 10 years. We were never close then but when I found him through Friendster, we somehow became each other’s confidante. He has become my free-of-charge shrink who is available 24/7 online. Months have passed and Clark and I have constantly communicated. Until I met Lois, also through Friendster, after almost 15 years since we last saw each other.

Suddenly, ideas came up until I finally thought of setting up Lois and Clark, along with Clark’s persistence coupled with my hidden agenda of seeing old friends again. Despite the location and time difference, I managed to have them meet up for a coffee and that first meeting started it all. Things just fell into place unexpectedly. And now, I have created my very first love story.


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