Little Miss Drama

Remembering the good ol’ booboo days with the BS Quality TMEs…

on February 5, 2009

This has been long written on a sheet of brown paper but has never been posted online due to many reasons over many years now. But the time has finally come for me to reveal that we are not perfect…that we have our own auto-zero situations from time to time..and it is time you guess who this/these TME/s is/are.

Scenario One

BS TMEs wanted to go and grab a bite at Brother’s Burger one night. Instead of walking from PBCom to CVG One area, they decided to bring a car (kasi mga tamad maglakad!). Not knowing how to go to CVG One parking, the BS TME driving the car turned right instead at People Support building and…

GUARD: Ma’am saan po kayo?

TME DRIVER: May ID kami! May ID kami (insisting on the guard that we have CVG IDs for free parking)

GUARD: Ano pong ID? (who by the way seemed clueless of what the TME driver was talking about)

TME DRIVER: (showed the guard her CVG ID)

GUARD: (who seemed more confused after seeing the CVG ID) Ay hindi po.

ME (whispering to another TME): Bakit binibigay niya ID nya eh hindi naman CVG One ‘to?

TME (at the backseat): Ewan ko dyan.

ME: Hindi naman CVG One ‘to eh! Dun pa sa kabila yun. People Support ‘to eh!

TME DRIVER: (who became confused as well) Huh? (and then laughs) Kaya pala ayaw niyang tanggapin yung ID ko! Hahaha! (makes a U-turn and left the parking area of People Support).

TME (at the backseat): Lengleng ka na naman eh!

Scenario Two

I was going home with a TME DRIVER. From C.Raymundo Avenue in Pasig, we had to take a left turn in Mercedes Avenue pero naka-stop na yung nagta-traffic na police. However, the TME DRIVER I was with didn’t see the police and just kept on going and even tried to turn left when…

MMDA: Ma’am!!! Hindi nyo ba ko nakikita??!

TME DRIVER: (surprised to see the MMDA in front of her car) Ay sorry sorry! Peace! (and smiled at the MMDA)

Scenario Three

Two TMEs in a car (again!).

TME DRIVER: Ok palang may kasabay ako umuuwi eh.

TME 2: Tangna! Sabay tayong iiyak! (sniffs)

TME DRIVER: Alam mo minsan pag mag-isa ‘ko nagda-drive, gusto ko na lang ibangga ‘tong kotse o itapon sa bangin e para lang matapos na…

TME 2: Bakla! sayang ang kotse! Masyadong mahal.

TME DRIVER: Yun nga lang eh. Pag naiisip ko na hindi pa bayad ‘tong kotse, napapakabig ako at saka magbabago ang isip ko.

Scenario Four

TME was just from a break-up and started crying on one corner when a “friend” saw her…

FRIEND: (hugged the TME so tight)

TME: (felt something and was shocked)

Later on…

TME: (telling the other TMEs about THAT experience) Alam nyo yun?! Yung luha ko patulo na umakyat ulit bigla nung may iba ‘kong naramdaman!

OTHER TMEs:OMG! Hahaha!!!

Scenario Five

Sa YM Conference ng mga TMEs…

TME 1: Wala na sa ‘kin ang lahat!!!

TME 2: Masama ba ang magmahal???

TME 3: Sumama ka na sa Dubai. Baka andun ang true love natin.

TME 1: Ikaw TME 3, nasaan ang true love mo?

TME 3: Nawawala. Hinahanap ko pa.

TME 2:Nasa Texas.

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