Little Miss Drama

Karaoke Night at Mardi Gras on a Wednesday

on May 9, 2010

I came home late than usual on a Wednesday night since I still had to pass by the supermarket and do some groceries for the month of May.

While preparing my dinner that night and my lunch for the next day, Cher came. Chikahan galore lang. She then invited me to go with her at Capital Hotel with some gay friends for karaoke.

As much as I wanted to go out, I was kinda tired and not really in the mood to go out especially on a weeknight. I told her I’ll pass. Perhaps next time, I said. She promised we’d be back by 10pm but I stil declined. Wala na rin siyang nagawa. Tapos ang usapan. Or so I thought.

I was already in my room and it was already 9pm. At that time, Cher should have been at Capital Hotel already since she was supposed to meet up with her friends around 8pm. Nagulat na lang ako when she came in our room and was practically begging me to go with her. After a couple of minutes of reasoning out why I should go with her, naawa naman ako so I finally gave in. I asked her to give me 15 minutes to prepare. In between those 15 minutes, I kept shouting “Aaargh!! Nakakainis ka!” Took me 30 minutes to prepare kaya 9:30 na rin kami nakaalis. I reminded her that we should be home around 11pm. And that I will not be singing. Umoo naman siya.

When we got to the place, Adam met us at the front door. I was introduced to him and we headed on to Mardi Gras. But before I could go inside, the guard stopped me and asked me for an ID. I was shocked! And flattered! Hahaha! I even asked the guard if he was sure that he wants my ID. I told him my age. But he still did see my ID. Cher then asked the guard if he would not ask her for her ID and the guard said no. Kaya tawa kami ng tawa ni Adam. Nabwisit naman si Cher. Hahaha!

Inside, I was introduced to Adam’s sister and Tawfiq, another gay friend. Tapos kantahan na. How I really wish that I had my camera that night. I would have taken a lot of pictures. Especially when our group started multiplying. A friend of Tawfiq followed. Then two more came. And then later on we were more than ten already. The group was made up of just women and gays. Thus the name, “vagina group” (the name courtesy of DJ Martin).

Later on, I was also introduced to DJ Martin who somehow got baffled with my name. He said it’s usually a man’s name. I told him it is especially in the US (although he is Briton) but I told him that in the Philippines, it is a woman’s name. Wala na tuloy siyang nasabi kundi “Well, you’re the most good looking Len I have ever met.” And I just took it as a compliment.

Everyone was having fun. There were some Pinoys in the crowd who had their moment showing off their singing prowess, including Cher, and there were also those non-Pinoys including Adam and Tawfiq. At one point, I got a missed call from a friend and we ended up texting each other (walang malisyang text just so you know. But I’d rather not name names kasi mahirap nang ma-chismis). In the midst of all these texting, DJ Martin saw me and called my attention and said “Len! Who are you texting?” I smiled and replied “None of your business.” Nakakalokang DJ to! Pakialamero.

And because we were all having fun despite the lack of alcohol (I decided not to have any since I still have work the next day) and just consumed two glasses of iced tea, we completely lost track of time! It was late when Cher and I realized that it was already 1am. I reminded her that we better get going. By this time, there were already two “kabayans” who were drunk and were making a scene at the place. This was the moment when Cher and I wanted to just die on our seats for all the embarassing things they were doing. If only we could say hindi namin sila ka-lahi. Hayayay.

One Pinoy on our left side of the table was too drunk that he got the DJ’s mic and told this woman how pretty she was almost to a point of asking her to marry him! Susme! And then another Pinoy on the right side of our table was doing his sort-of-interpretative dance of every song that was sung! Hayayay talaga!

Some of our friends were staring at them, laughing in disbelief of their actions. Some just ignored them. Wala na rin kaming nagawa kundi ang deadmahin sila kasi kami na ni Cher ang hiyang-hiya para sa kanila.

Before we went home, somebody from our group sang “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. The line “Would you swear that you’ll always be mine?” made Cher kilig for some reason. Hindi ko alam kung dahil dun sa kumanta (which I doubt kasi I think he’s gay although gwapo siyang bading) or dahil lang talaga dun sa line. Baka nga dahil lang sa line. Hehehe.

Adam and his sister gave us a ride home. We were home around 2am. It was a fun night pero puyat kung puyat! =D


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