Little Miss Drama

Joaqui’s Firsts: Mall Experience

on July 7, 2012

Ever since I got pregnant, I have been wanting to write about the joys of being a pregnant woman despite being a single mom. Yet, I had no time to do that especially when you’re feeling tired and sleepy most of the time, after work. Plus, I got so busy packing things up for the big move I had to make.

Anyway, fast forward after 9 months of getting pregnant and after 1 month and 11 days of giving birth, my son, Joaqui, found himself today inside SM Makati after his check-up from his pedia in World Citi. My mom had to meet one cousin who was at Makati Med at that time so they have both decided to just meet up at SM afterwards.

Joaqui is purely breastfed and the reason why it’s hard to go out with a baby as young as him in that situation is that every hour or two, he would like to be fed and breastfeeding him in a public place always poses a problem. When my mom told me we would go to SM after Joaqui’s check-up, I just hoped the pacifier would do its magic when I need it. At the same time, I had breastfed him before we left the car so that he would just be quiet or asleep (if I’m lucky) while we’re inside.

Just as we were about to alight from the car, he started crying. You see, my son always needs to be sucking on something when he’s awake. So most of the time, he’s really breastfeeding. That’s why I call him milk monster. The moment I stopped feeding him, he woke up and just cried. But the moment we entered the mall, he suddenly stopped from wailing and started to look around as if wondering where he was.

For a couple of minutes, he was just silently observing his new surroundings. It was a relief for me. He was lulled to sleep later on with all the walking we had to make (No, we did not bring his stroller because my mom did not want to so he was carried the entire time and he already weighs 4.2 kilos).

After hours of waiting for my mom’s cousin, Joaqui woke up hungry again. As usual, he started crying and his cries became wails. We had to look for a place where I can breastfeed him. My mom mentioned that SM Megamall has a breastfeeding station so I asked one sales attendant if they also have one here. She told me they have one on the 4th floor. We went there right away and Joaqui and I just stayed there while my parents went to eat. I just asked them to bring me food once they’re done so I can eat even just fries.

It’s really great that SM has a breastfeeding station. There, I met 2 moms with their sons. One changed her son’s diaper and the other also breastfed his 11-month old son. I never wanted to leave that room out of fear that Joaqui would make his scandalous cry again once we get outside. But it got so cold inside that I had to leave. Luckily, my baby fell asleep. At least, I was able to have my lunch (yep, just fries from BK) inside the station.

After another hour or so waiting for my mom’s cousin, Joaqui was up again. It was almost 6pm when Joaqui started crying again, wanting to be fed. At that time, we were ready to go home so he was crying the entire time we were going down the escalator from the 3rd floor all the way to the ground floor. Even if we tried using the pacifier, he really wanted his milk so he just kept crying endlessly.

The moment my dad came with the car, I started breastfeeding Joaqui again.

It was quite an experience for us today nevertheless at least I know now that should I ever end up going to the mall again one of these days, there’s always a breastfeeding station in any SM branches and that I should not take more than two hours shopping while with a newborn baby. 😀


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