Little Miss Drama

Joaqui’s Bath Time

on October 21, 2012

I was never taught in the hospital how to bathe Joaqui. My mom didn’t also know how to bathe newborns like him because all three of us (my siblings)  were given a bath by someone else (either a relative or a helper). So I turned on to the internet. YouTube specifically.  And checked how it is being done. I’ve seen a couple of videos and some of them were differently done.

I had to start giving him a bath when he was already on his Day 12th because he was in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for 10 days. He was admitted there a day after I gave birth due to pneumonia. Being on his Day 12th, it’s easier to hold him compared to really “new” newborns. Yet, I still had a hard time giving him a bath.

My mom’s hands now are not strong enough to hold him still so I had to do it because Joaqui flinches a lot and he keeps kicking despite being just days old. It was hard to hold him still because he was moving a lot and at the same time fragile.

I even bought this bathing stuff where you can place a baby to give him a bath but it never worked for him. Nothing worked for him except for being laid down on a towel.

During my first time to give him a bath, I would always panic and in a rush because my mom would keep telling me to finish right away and that it should just be quick. etc. And the more she says these things, the more I tend to take more time.

One time, I was able to talk to a childhood friend and she suggested I buy this baby bath foam where you can place the baby for support.

ImageThis is how it similarly looked like. I bought one from SM Department Store for just around Php200, I think. It made my bath time with Joaqui easier.

But since he still moves a lot and cries a lot when taking a bath, I could never get any photo of him during his bath time. Only the after pics. 😀


ImageHe’s actually happy after his bath time. 🙂


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