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The Battle with the Formula Milk

on October 30, 2012

Two days ago, I have started mixed feeding Joaqui (breastfeeding and formula milk). His pediatrician, Dr. Garcia, advised us to use Nan HA One. He suggested this milk due to allergic reactions that he might have to  other milk since I have allergies myself (although not to milk per se). Or at least something like that as what I understood. :p

Anyway, first time I let him tried the milk was a battle. His face made this funny look that he didn’t like its taste. It’s the same look he makes when he’s given one of the vitamins he doesn’t like. But I kept trying because I prepared 4 oz and I didn’t want it all to just go to waste. The first bottle nipple I used was the one where nothing would come out unless the baby sucks it. It’s because this will be his first time to really suck on a bottle. He has been directly breastfed ever since. But since he was not sucking up the milk and was just playing with the bottle nipple, I had to change the nipple to the one which drips a little after a few seconds. That way, he will be forced to still drink the milk whether he likes it or not.

It worked but only for a few minutes. Then he stopped sucking again and started to just keep the milk in his mouth and would later spit the milk out. So I finally stopped. I thought to just give it to him when he’s half-asleep and is really hungry and maybe he would just drink it all up.

I tried doing that at 2am. But it was a failure again. Instead of sucking it all up because he was already hungry and at the same time still sleepy, he started becoming wide awake and still rejecting the formula milk. I ended up breastfeeding him directly and at the same time it took me hours to make him fall asleep again.

I tried to test whether it’s just getting used to a bottle or not. So I pumped some breastmilk (I don’t have much, which is a problem) and make him drink that in a bottle. There was no problem with him drinking it the moment he tasted it. Thus, it is NOT a bottle issue. It’s just really the formula.

I tried to taste how the formula milk tastes like out of curiosity and even I didn’t like it. No wonder he hates it.

I am very close to just giving away the milk to my best friend who uses the same milk for his second child. But just one last try, I tried giving Joaqui again the formula this 4am. As usual, he spit it out and started pushing my hand which was holding the bottle. So I tried giving it to him through a dropper. It worked for a time. I was even able to let him drink a little again on the bottle when I noticed he was sucking it all in from the dropper. But by 5am, he started spitting the milk out again so i went back to using the dropper. But even that no longer worked. The dropper has lost its magic. Joaqui would just keep the milk in his mouth but would not swallow so I had to pinch his nose every time just so he would be forced to swallow it.

When the milk was almost less than an ounce, that was when I stopped. He was already throwing tantrums by then so I had to lay him down beside me and directly breastfeed him again until he sleeps. When he woke up at 7am and wanted milk again, I tried again the formula milk (I don’t give up easily) but he kept moving his head and kept kicking and would spit the milk out again. I knew I have lost this battle. I don’t know how else I could make him drink this milk.

Last option for me was to call his pediatrician and ask for another brand of formula milk that he could try. Hopefully, the next one will be a success. *crossing my fingers*


3 responses to “The Battle with the Formula Milk

  1. Janet says:

    Naku bes baby pa lang picky eater na, goodluck! Hope you find the right formula milk for him.

  2. Oo nga eh. I even tried distracting him while he was drinking pero hindi talaga nilulunok so naipon sa bibig nya hanggang sa nasamid tuloy! Haaay…

  3. […] month, I wrote about the challenge of mixed feeding Joaqui with the formula milk. After calling his pedia asking about an alternative to Nan HA One, we were advised to use Nan Pro […]

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