Little Miss Drama

Planning for Joaqui’s Birthday Party

on June 16, 2013

Last May 26th, Sunday, my son, Joaqui, turned 1. However mommy has been very busy with a lot of things that I was unable to even blog about it despite how much I have been wanting to. I really need to have a nanny soon! đŸ˜¦

Anyway, I have always planned to have Joaqui’s birthday small and inexpensive as much as  possible. Not that I don’t want to throw my son a big party or anything but mainly because when you are a single parent, you try to be as practical as possible. I even thought of just having his godparents for lunch or dinner in a restaurant since my son won’t even know what’s going on yet plus the fact that I don’t have much friends with kids yet. But because our budget has allowed us to celebrate it with more people, I decided to have it done in KFC.

Out of surfing and researching on how I could possibly have a not-so-expensive birthday for my son online, I have found out that the cheapest way to have it done is to get a birthday package from any of the fastfood chains because normally they have it all-in already in the packages they offer.

I tried not to celebrate it at Jollibee or McDonald’s because I felt that these are already very common venues. I ended up planning it at two venues: Karate Kid or KFC. I ended up with KFC because I had no time to check the birthday package they offer at Karate Kid in SM Megamall and the package they sent me through email was difficult to understand. As for KFC, my sister was able to inquire about it in Eastwood. I was actually thinking of whether to have it at SM Megamall or Eastwood but I preferred the latter because I didn’t want my guests to go to a usually crowded mall just to celebrate my kid’s party. I always feel that malls get chaotic on weekends. Haha!

My sister was able to provide me the number at KFC Eastwood and by April I was able to already book the date. I initially told them that I am only having around 50 guests (again due to budget constraints!) and I was informed that if ever I needed to add more, it’s also ok to do so on the day itself.

I availed their party package which costs Php4,500 that already includes all party amenities (balloons, banner, prizes, giveaways, mats and hats) and a cake. Then I chose the first package they have for kids for Php135/pax and includes spaghetti, fun shots, and a drink. Minimum number for kids for this package is for 20 kids so I had to take it even if I already expected I’d have a lesser number of kids than that. For adults, I availed of their 1-pc fully loaded meal. This is Php150/pax and includes a one piece chicken with rice, mashed potato, brownies and a mushroom soup and drink.

After a week, I visited the venue and paid half of the total amount. I didn’t know that there was KFC on that area (mainly because I haven’t been to Eastwood for a while) and I initially thought it was the KFC on the other side of Citibank. Anyway, KFC Eastwood is just small and the only party area is upstairs. I was asked if I wanted their cake or I would order outside instead. They told me if I order outside, they would take 450 less from the Php4,500. But because I didn’t think I would even have time again to actually go out and check for cakes, plus I have no idea how much a cake outside would actually cost me, I decided to have everything done by KFC instead. All I needed to do was just wait for the party to happen when it actually happens.

Deciding who to invite was tougher than actually planning where to have the party especially when you know you should only have a limited number of guests, which is the case here. I decided that since it is my son’s party, I will only invite my friends who are close to me and have witnessed my journey ever since I got pregnant. If I had to invite some relatives, they would also need to be the ones who are really close to my heart plus with kids. Haha!

I immediately made a list of my friends and immediate family who needed to be there for Joaqui’s party. My list reached up to 75 people and I only booked for 65. I could still allow up to 10 more people within my budget. I then sent out invites so that those who can come can already confirm, for me to have an idea how many would actually be able to be there.

As the day got nearer, my list had already reached up to almost 100 people and 20+ kids but at the last minute, some people had to cancel and were not able to come. I told my mom she can start inviting some of her friends from the church since my number of invites have gone down to what I actually booked. I was still ready for the additional 10 peeps, just in case.

I also planned to have a photobooth so that the pics would serve as the guests’ souvenir from the party. I asked my sister to look for one. Because of my sister’s generosity, she offered to pay for it as a birthday gift to my son.

All in all, I only spent just around Php20k for 65 adults and 20 kids. Good thing I didn’t buy a cake outside anymore because right after the party, I forgot to have the guests take home some slices and we just brought the whole cake home wherein no one actually ate. Nobody at home loves a kiddie cake like that.

I also didn’t pay for any additional peeps anymore since only 65 adults came. I had to bring home a few kiddie foodies  even if I already gave some to my sister and my bestfriend to take home since I only had a few kids. KFC also did not charge me anymore for the electricity for the photobooth, which should be Php100/hour. I guess because they were late in setting up the party and at the same time disorganized from the start.

Whew! Now I feel relieved that the party is over and everyone had a wonderful time. đŸ™‚


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