Little Miss Drama

Joaqui Turns 1!

on June 19, 2013

On my previous post, I have mentioned the easiest preparations I made for my son’s birthday. It was easy because all I did was booked a party, selected the menu for kids and adult and basically just wait for this special day to arrive.


Joaqui’s KFC Party Theme

Doing so actually benefits someone who is a work from home mom without a nanny and is a single parent with a limited budget like myself.

On this day, Joaqui woke up around 7am. He just had his breakfast and went to mass at 8am. After the mass, he was already sleepy so we tried to nap first so that he would feel refreshed. He woke up at around 11am. That was the only time I was able to give him his bath. (Ummm, yes he went to mass without taking a bath yet).

After his bath, he had his lunch and we all started preparing as well. While my whole family was getting dressed, Joaqui started to become sleepy again. But just before we left the house, he was up again and was already having tantrums.  He was not in a good mood and even when we were already inside the car just before 2pm, he was not smiling at all. Uh-oh.


Trying hard to smile, honey? 😀

It was already 10 minutes after 2pm by the time we reached KFC Eastwood. Some of my friends were already there waiting. When we came, my sister was already there. The photobooth was already being set up. My friends from Dubai were already there together with their kids. Some friends from CVG were also already there. But the place was still not set up. The tables were not yet arranged. Some chairs were all stacked up in one area and there were still two customers eating. I was shocked and fretting. I was expecting that everything would be already set up by 2pm but I guess things like this happens.


My friends from Dubai who were among the early birds.

4R copy

Photobooth Template


Photobooth backdrop

KFC Eastwood has 2 floors. On the first floor, they only have their counter where to order your food. There are no tables and chairs on the first floor. The second floor is where all the tables and chairs are. The whole area was where I had my son’s party so if you look at it,  it’s like I had the whole place close just for his party. 😀


We only have very few kids who played 😦

Unfortunately, there were only two service crews attending to the party set up so some of my friends who came late had to get some chairs from the stacked ones. Plus, you could not feel if the A/Cs were working on certain areas. I was dripping wet from sweat! I felt that this was a disaster. I kept apologizing to my friends as to why it was taking too long to start. The food was served late since they started late and I felt like everyone was already hungry.

Despite me on a panic mode already, all of my friends were very understanding and kept telling me it’s ok and that it’s normal.

I was disappointed to some of my friends who were not able to come especially those who confirmed and then didn’t even call to say they were not coming.  Maybe because personally I hate being cancelled on especially when I have planned something for a long time. I sooo hate last minute cancellations especially when you know some just lied for an excuse. Ugh.

Anyway, I’d say Joaqui may not be in his usual happy mood but he still had a great time especially when Chuckie went out and danced. My son is one of the very few kids I know who’s not afraid of a mascot. He is braver than mommy when she was at the same age. 😀


KFC’s mascot, Chuckie


Candle blowing


Family picture

Food was served after a few games with the kids. I had to help the crew in giving out the food because it was taking a long time. After that, I got to go to different tables again to chat and have a picture taken. The photobooth was completely ignored and I actually forgot about it as well. My sister only reminded me about it just before they were about to go so I went and had a photo with my son. We only had a few photos and unfortunately we didn’t get to maximize the fee my sister paid for the photobooth.


Me & my birthday boy

By 4pm, everyone was leaving. I still stayed there chatting with some friends until everything was already cleaned up. It started to rain outside and the friends who stayed with me also had to go. These were friends from college and CVG.


Some of my CVG friends


College friends

I was already rushing to the car with my son when my sister came up to  me and asked me for the other half of the payment! Hahaha! I totally forgot to pay and almost left! I gave her the money to pay for it together with the contract I had with me. They no longer asked me to pay an additional Php100/hour for the photobooth. 😀

All in all, it was still a great day because my little boy didn’t throw any tantrums and still danced when he kept hearing the music. He may have not smiled in most of his photos but at least he was not crying nor sleeping.  Plus, we got to celebrate it with the people closest to our hearts.

So for those who were able to celebrate this day with us, my biggest THANKS! 🙂

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