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My Trip to Jordan: My Accommodation

on July 26, 2013

I have started scrapbooking again (thanks to Smilebox) and I’m planning to print all of its results once I have the necessary tools and materials to do so.

For now, I will just share here with you some of the travels I have made in my life. And since I sometimes lack the luxury of time to actually blog about a certain trip, I think the captions from the scrapbooks I have made will give you a glimpse of some of my adventures. 😉


Cozmo is like a small mall in Amman which was located just in front of my flat. I usually go there to do my groceries, which is located on the lower ground floor of the building. First time I went there, I went up and took the stairs which you can see from the photo. I asked the guard where I could find some restaurants (thinking there might be a fastfood area) and she pointed me out to the groceries area on the lower ground floor.  That was when I realized I should have just walked my way under that tunnel-looking thing directly instead where some cars were parked.

It was also in Cozmo where I bought some of the cheapest Dead Sea products I could find – JOD1 per piece (or just a little over a US$1) for pasalubong (gifts)!


Before the term OOTD became famous, I normally would take a photo of myself before heading to work. Kaartehan lang. That explains the first photo.

I flew through Gulf Air from Manila to Amman, with a stop over in Bahrain. The plane from Manila to Bahrain sucks. I was used to flying through Etihad the whole time I was working in UAE and Gulf Air’s plane was nothing in comparison with that of Etihad. There were very few movies to choose from and there was no way for you to control the start of the movie or even a way to pause it.  Later on, out of frustration, I just decided to sleep the whole flight instead (which I rarely do whenever I’m flying even for a 10-hour flight).

The plane from Bahrain to Amman was much better. In fact, it was just like that of Etihad’s. And unlike most of the people on the plane who still slept on a short flight (if I remember it correctly it was just around 2-3 hour flight), I, instead, started playing some games like pacman. Haha.

I went to Amman on a winter season. The heater in the flat was not functioning very well that I had to ask for two more comforters to keep me warm at night yet the office provided me a portable heater as well. I only got to use the portable heater a few times, scared that if I use it while I sleep it might cause a fire accident. Paranoid lang.



One thing I sooo love inside my room are the enormous mirror-filled closets which I dream of having in our house, which will never happen for so many reasons. Another thing was the balcony, along with automated blinds. 🙂


The two areas I always use back when I was in this flat were the dining area and the balcony which can bee seen from the photo (but not the one inside my room). I normally take my meals outside the balcony even if it was freezing cold. I just loved it while sipping my hot Koka Tomyam flavor soup and then smoke afterwards while watching the people in the area. I use the dining area as my work area where I usually have the laptop open up until 12am Jordan time to finish all the work I needed to do as well as the photo editing in Picasa for some of the trips my friends and I went to.


The last photo shows the other balcony from my room which I never used because there was nothing to see from that area as compared to the other balcony near the dining area. I normally open all the blinds of the room during the day on weekends (since I’m out during weekdays due to work) because I hate a dark house. I always love the sunshine.




10 11




Our company had to pay a month’s rent of JOD900 or around US$1,300 for my accommodation. Expensive!

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  1. […] I have started scrapbooking again (thanks to Smilebox) and I’m planning to print all of its resource […]

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