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My Trip to Jordan: Mount Nebo (Memorial of Moses)

on August 1, 2013

Like what I mentioned on my previous post about the trip I had in Jordan, second on our itinerary was Mount Nebo.


This is the spot where Moses (or Prophet Musa) is believed to have first seen the Promised Land that he would never enter.


In the fourth century, early Christians turned the old building on the highest part of the Siyagha mountain into a church to commemorate Prophet Moses’ resting place and made pilgrimages to it from Jerusalem.

The first church was later expanded into the present basilica where a collection of Byzantine mosaics is exhibited as well. The site became custody of the Franciscan order in 1932 who excavated the church and put Mount Nebo on the religious tourist maps.

For the past several years midnight Christmas mass in both English and Arabic has been held at the site.


Once we we there, an old man approached us and asked us if we wanted a guide. Marian wanted one and asked how much it would cost us. He said it would be JOD10 or US$14.12. We agreed to have him as our guide while Mo stayed in the car. Our guide’s name is Mohammad. He is a teacher by profession and if I remember it correctly, he had a degree in art history. He’s a great tour guide because he really explains everything to you, even the smallest details.


With Marian & Nina











If you stand on the viewing platform which was erected for Pope John Paul II when he visited back in year 2000, you can enjoy the panoramic scene that Moses saw centuries ago.

07 09



If you are lucky and the weather is clear, like the time we went here, you will see the Dead Sea and several cities on the West Bank of Jordan River.






This sculpture, which has become a symbol for Mount Nebo, is a modern replica of the of the Biblical brazen serpent. During the Exodus journey God sent plague to kill the rebellious Israelites. God also instructed Moses to erect a bronze serpent on a pole to stop the plague. All who looked up at the raised serpent survived the plague. Thus the curative serpent around a pole became the symbol of the pharmacies.

Mount Nebo is open daily from 7am – 7pm in summer and until 5pm in winter time.

Entrance Fee: JD1 or US$1.41


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