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12 Things That Joaqui Can Do Now

on September 3, 2013

For sometime now, I have been mentally noting down Joaqui’s latest achievements. There will be times I just wish I capture all of them in a photo or video so it’s easier to remember and blog about it since I always do not have enough time to actually sit and write down about my son’s milestones. If you noticed lately, I have only been posting interesting blog posts from different sources. It’s much easier for me to do those right now while working.

Anyway, ever since Joaqui turned 1, I have been looking forward to what else he could be doing by now and here are quite a few of them:

1. He can say more words. He used to only say gogog (dog) and caca (cat) before he turned 1 and his pedia wanted him to learn more words each month and would always remind me to read him books (which of course I always do). However, I thought despite the reading that we do, there have been no progress at all because he doesn’t even try to mimic the words I say. But now he can say the following words: ca (car), ten, baby, mama, tita, daji (daddy), ana (wala na), omor (no more), bugaga (bulaga). He also can say some of the letters of the alphabet when it is being recited to him. It just makes me a happy mom.

2. He knows how things are called. He can now point out the following when you ask him where it is: nose, hair, light, shower, car, cat, dog, mommy, book, Mr. clock, ear (although he tends to forget it), Joaqui, hot / cold (he would usually touch a mug or a glass), tita, lolo and more.

3. He now has a new dance step. He loves to dance ever since he has learned to stand. He would normally jump up and down in his crib or on the bed while holding on to something every time a music is played. Lately, the whole family is having a blast when he starts doing his latest craze of which I call his pwet dance (ass dance). He would move his ass  dancing the way a duck does when it walks that it looks so funny. I’m still wishing that I could have that on camera one of these days. He also started doing his head bang version.

4. He can now be left alone to play. There will be times now when I can just leave him in his crib/play yard and he will just play with some of his toys or by himself. Sometimes it’s even funny to watch him play because he would talk to himself as if he’s playing with someone else. I have some of those play time in video.

5. He can finally walk. Joaqui started late in walking, even in sitting up. I even had to bring him to therapy sessions at Therabilities for more than 2 months as per his pedia’s advise so he would have a strong back. But personally, I think he just needed some practice. It was the third week of August when he started walking more than two steps on his own. He did that when we were on the bed. He let go of his hold on the bed rail and started walking towards me and I got so excited. Now, he would want to always walk instead of being carried. Once he starts walking he would throw tantrums if anybody attempts to carry him instead of letting him walk. It can be quite tiring. He also can go down now from the bed on his own although he would still need some help from time to time.

6. He can play sawsaw suka. I do not want him to only learn English kids songs and games. I also want him to learn Filipino games and songs. So one day, I thought of teaching him how the sawsaw suka game is played. Now, he would sometimes grab my hand and do the game and that meant singing the song Sawsaw suka mahuli taya. I also taught my niece the same thing one time and she can also play the game now. 😀

7. He has crazy reactions to things. Whenever he hears someone on TV shouting, he would immediately do the same thing. He reacts as if he’s excited when contestants in a TV game show shouts. He also reacts when mommy reacts to what I’m watching. Just like yesterday, I was watching One Day on TV and I got shocked when Anne Hathaway got hit by a truck towards the ending of the movie that I almost shouted. Joaqui stood up from the crib and made a surprise reaction too as if he understood what happened then started crying. I had to calm him down and learned not to watch shows like that again when I’m with my son.

8. He is turning out to be a very sweet boy. Every morning he normally wakes me up by kissing me. But aside from that, he would also sometimes just come up to me and hug me or put his face near my face so our foreheads would touch and then lies down on my stomach later on. This is the most rewarding for being a mom.

9. He has started hitting. This, of course, is not an achievement. I have been reading so many articles about toddlers hitting adults and how you can stop them from doing so. Two weeks ago when he has started to hit me. It started out as if he was only playing but later on it has turned out to be really bad that I even cried at one point. I have tried everything I have read but nothing seemed to work. We have tried to talk to him in a calm manner but he would just keep quiet and look in another direction. Sometimes when we try to talk to him, he would even whisper or say something as if he’s answering us back. Or he would make face and we would end up hysterically laughing at him. It was tough. We just try to consistently talk to him in a calm manner and try not to laugh at his craziness every time he hits anyone of us and so far, the hitting has been lessened although not totally gone yet.

10. He is such an artista (actor). He would sometimes fake his cries to get our attention. Or make faces or throw things. Maybe he was used to being always the center of attention that whenever everyone in the house is busy, he claims that spot again by doing some of his crazy antics. But I just let him cry sometimes so that he would also know that he can’t always get what he wants.

11. He sometimes fakes his laugh which makes the whole family go nuts. I don’t know where he learned it from or how but one time when my youngest sister was playing with him, he suddenly tried making these fake laughs. It was just hilarious.

12. He knows how to give a “flying kiss” and also  “bless”. I used to teach him the first trick when he was younger but he seemed not to get it. He can do it now with no problem. He has also been taught the Filipino practice of pagmamano (the act of putting an elder’s back of the palm to your forehead) as a sign of respect.

It’s really a hard work being a hands-on mom, with no maid or yaya at all. Sometimes I even feel that I do not deserve to be a mom or I’m not a good one at all especially when there would be times that I would really lose my patience with Joaqui and all I wanted to do is just shout and cry at the world. I even told one of my mom friends that I feel like this sometimes and she told me it’s normal. Even she feels the same way sometimes with her three kids. It’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who feels this sometimes and that it’s normal to feel that your kid is testing your patience.

No matter how tough a day may end for Joaqui and me, it still feels rewarding when I realize that I am part of all of the things that he is able to accomplish now. And I look forward to more of those days, no matter how challenging they may end up to be. I just wish and pray that I continuously be able to raise him properly later on.


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