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Revealed: Inside the exclusive World Luxury Expo

on October 7, 2013

Source: Arabian Business Event at Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace showcases luxury accessories, high-end cars and limited edition treasures. The second World Luxury Expo was held at the majestic Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace.

Here are a few of the highlights that dazzled guests at the exhibition. Image From cars to fine art, high-end jewellery & fashion, hand-crafted watches, designer furniture and even ancient artifacts, the World Luxury Expo housed carefully selected luxury items and leaders of their respective fields. The ambiance was set by violinist Olga D who played a violin studded with 3,500 Swarovski crystals. Image Rolls-Royce Ghost 1001 Nights: $436,562 Guests were greeted by a grand display of the Rolls-Royce Ghost 1001 Nights Bespoke Edition. The Dusk Dawn exterior perfectly complements the 20 inch alloy wheels and visible chrome exhausts. The luxury vehicle also features a television tuner, front and rear ventilated seats, a panorama sunroof and seashell interiors. The Ruby edition was initially meant to be the highlighted display, but it was sold before it even got a chance to make it to the expo. Image Arabian Stallion: $163,710 The 200kg of towering gold sculpture was made by German-based company Fine Arts. Only nine pieces of the Arabian stallion are available worldwide and they have been created as a testament to the GCC. Two kilograms of gold cover the statue which is entirely made of solid bronze. Image Golden Tiger: $29,687 Gold line Italia featured many beautiful decorative artifacts, while the standout piece was the 50kg gold plated tiger. All the details on the tiger where hand painted in Italy while the multi faceted Swarovski crystals where carefully hand placed to highlight the tiger’s stripes. Image Sitara of Ka’aba Dated 1181 AH: $ 4,850,000 The Ottoman Sultan, Mustafa III, (reigned 1757-1774), commissioned this Sitarain in the year 1181 AH (1767-1768 AD). The Sitara is made of black silk in a rectangular format and is richly embroidered with gold and silver thread. There is a slit in the middle of the lower part in order to facilitate entry through the door of the Kaaba. It is currently available for sale by artist and collector Mr Fayez Barakat who has a collection of fascinating ancient works of art valued at a total of $1.5 billion dollars. Image Fayez Barakat Painting: $64,664 Barakat also creates wondrous pieces of colourful paintings. He composes his pieces in his California based studio and they are currently sold at the Gallery available at the Emirates Palace Hotel and featured along with his collection of over 5000 ancient artifacts. Image Ancient Islamic Artifacts One of Barakat’s many interesting pieces was this ancient Incent burner which was displayed along with Ancient pieces from all around the world, including Egypt, Greece, Colombia and Mesopotamia. Image 171 Carat Royal Necklace: $50,000,000 UK-based Mozafarian is a fine arts and jewellery creator for over three centuries. Their highlight piece was an exquisite fancy yellow diamond necklace which featured 51 pear shaped diamonds for a total of 87.50 carats , 16 round diamonds for a total of 8.53 carats , 4 rounds diamonds for a total of 4.03 carats and of course the centrepiece which is a 67 carat fancy G.I.A certified diamond. The total amount of carats that this platinum framed royal piece carries is a breathtaking 171 carats. Image Diamond Encrusted Denim Jacket (not for sale) In 2000 Mozafarian was commissioned by De beers to design and create the most expensive denim jacket in the world for the launch of De Beers name into the consumer market. The glittering piece features a 33.11 carat Diamond Collar necklace in various colours, a cuff bracelet with 19.75 carats of fancy colour diamonds, and 9.89 carats of diamond buttons. The total amount of Sapphires in the jacket add up to 248.33 carats. Image The Royal Collection for the Royal House: $15m Mozafarian’s Royal Collection was commissioned in the 1960s to celebrate 2,500 years of the Persian Empire. The collection comprises of four pieces including 2 pots a rectangular box and picture frame. Working in 18 carat yellow gold Filigree over fine Bohemian crystal it took ten specialists four years to make. Over 3000 diamonds, rubies, emeralds and turquoise are incorporated in the intricate designs. Image Ayat Al Korsi: $20m A unique masterpiece crafted from the finest natural Persian turquoise. It took 10 years to complete and two tons of Persian rough turquoise that were hand selected, cut and polished to create this work of art in jewellery. The silver frame which outlines the piece has been handcrafted using numerous diamonds, precious and semi-precious gems. Image Gold & Co. 24K gold iPhone 5s: $5,320 London based Gold & Co. showcased their new gold edition of the iPhone 5s. The phone is sold in three options: a yellow gold edition ($4780) a rose gold edition ($5070) and a platinum edition ($5320). 250 of the handcrafted pieces are available worldwide in each of the fine material options. Image SIR AMG Black Series (not for sale) This ultra lavish machine was created by Mercedes as part of a limited edition collection that is currently discontinued. Its original tag price was at $382,000. Image The New S-500 comfort: $160,000 The new S-500 comfort is powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 455 hp and a torque of 700 Nm. While there are faster cars and more expensive cars, S-Class has been considered as the benchmark in the premium luxury segment, and that’s a position Mercedes intends to maintain. It is also offered in S-500 4matic, which is the long wheelbase version of the car that adds an additional 15cm to its length. Image Strokerz custom built motorcycle: $36,850 Strokerz Middle East is a bike building and customising company specialised in custom wheels and accessories. In their display, an old school looking centrepiece is showcased. The motorcycle was hand built from pieces ordered from all around the world and designed locally. The paint job was done in their local workshop to render this one of a kind collector’s item. Image Gold plated original Harley Davidson: $45,000 This exclusive gold plated original Harley is yet another sample of Strokerz craftsmanship. Created as a showpiece in their local shop, the motorcycle won 2nd class in the European motorcycle championship in Germany. Image Premiere of The Calvin Klein furniture collection: $40,110 For the first time in the Middle East, the Calvin Klein furniture collection was introduced by Interiors, which is a branch of Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group. The collection is exclusively featured at Interiors and this particular sofa set and chair are sold for $40,110. Image Marnier from Spain: $117,330 One of the most elite product manufacturing companies in their industry, Marnier is known for their regal style and classical lines. This full dining room set is sold for $117,330. Image Carnelio Capellini: $77,800 The Italian haute couture of interiors is exclusive to Interiors. The products are fully Italian made, from design up to upholstery. The company is located in the heart of Brianza, the oldest furniture producing area in Italy. This white on white sofa set and table are sold for $77,800. Image House of Sillage Haute perfumes: $1,800 House of Sillage’s signature line comprises of seven fragrances, which were also featured in their limited edition bottles that are hand lacquered and handmade. Pictured here is the Emerald Reign with a Swarovski crystal encrusted white tiger and Holiday edition of their perfumes. The California based company creates all their fragrances in France and just launched their new travel sized perfume during the World Luxury Expo. Image VIP Kicker: $141,880 Also known as ‘Foosball table’ in American, this gold and crystal piece is exclusively sold at Harvey Nichols. Featuring 8000 crystals and gold plated figurines the table can be recreated in any custom ordered set of materials. The British company VIP can also build in any name in the centre of the table as per the buyers request and using crystals or any other precious stones. Image The Pink City Jewelled Carpet: $750,000 The Dubai based Four Season’s Ramesh Gallery displayed several pieces of wall tapestry. This 5’6’’ by 8’4’ piece include 56,910 carats of precious gemstones for a total of 55,724 pieces. The frame is even made with quality solid wood embedded with 24 carat gold leaves. Image The Palm Jewelled Carpet: $800,000 This 8 by 10 feet wall tapestry holds a total of 56,786 carats of precious gemstones. The culmination of rubies, emeralds, blue sapphires, yellow sapphires and fancy sapphires, Basra pearls and diamonds from Africa enhances the motif which includes 77,902 pieces in total. Image The Human Regenerator: $557,000 B5 Art of Living LLC is presented an innovation from human biophysical medicine, the Human Regenerator. This technology stems from the principle that everything, including matter, consists of physical stem cell information according to quantum physics. Image


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